Thursday, 3 November 2011

White Jade and fire opals.....

These ear-rings were given to one of my eldest son's lovely teachers, when he was at secondary school. I used a combination of white jade, fire opals, rock crystal, opalite, moonstone, Swarovski crystals and Thai Karen silver in making these earring.

Madame Butterfly.......

This is one of my favorite bracelets. After buying the geisha style lamp work beads, I actually dreamed up and then found all the different beads, to put this bracelet together. It's got a solid weight to it and I wear it lose (I don't like wearing tight things on my wrists) and it has a nice jangle as well =)

Vesuvianite and Silverblossom

I'm on a roll with the pics, although I need to take some of my more recent work. I love these blossom pendants and apart from being beautifully handmade, they are fair trade =)